JLB | Jakarta Lingkar Barat Satu
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Connecting Road to Deliver Strategic Infrastructure

Welcome to PT Jakarta Lingkar Baratsatu’s Website

In an increasingly globalized world, toll road is an essential part of Indonesia’s economy. Working in this direction, PT. Jakarta Lingkar Baratsatu is firmly committed to deliver road infrastructure, as a part of improving the public’s quality of life, providing contributions to the country ‘s economic growth as well as delivering financial benefits to the stakeholders.

Since its establishment, our sustainable design and road network system together with our professional team have successfully built flagship project including 10 km road with 2×3 lanes as part of Jakarta Outer Ring Road 1 (JORR 1).

PT Jakarta Lingkar BaratSatu is firmly committed to deliver road infrastructures, as a part of improving the public’s quality of life and providing contributions to the country’s traffic solutions.