General Meeting of Shareholders

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS) and Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGMS) has the highest authority and holds all authority that is not granted to the Board of Directors or Board Commissioners. The Company always seeks the right of the shareholders are always fulfilled and treats all shareholders equally. The AGMS and EGMS are the rights and authority of shareholders in controlling the performance of underlying subsidiaries in a limit set by constitutions or articles of association. Decisions taken in the AGMS and EGMS are done transparently by considering the interests of the Company.

The proposal to use AGMS to authorize the Annual Report after the closed of the related fiscal year, and in the meeting, of the Board of Directors presents:

  1. Annual Report
    • Financial report that consists of at least the end of the fiscal year financial position regarding the Company’s financial performance in the new year in comparison with the previous fiscal year.
    • Report about Company’s activities and its accomplishment.
    • Names of Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners members (including if there are any replacements).
    • Good Corporate Governance implementation Report.
    • Social Responsibility Implementation and Environment Report.
  2. Proposal of use of Company’s consolidation net profit.
  3. Other matters that need GMS agreement for the interests of the Company.

The AGMS is held every fiscal year at least six months at the latest after the close of the Company’s fiscal year. Meanwhile, EGMS can be held any time based on the needs and the interests of the Company.